Rachel Kilroy is the Program Coordinator & Graphic Production Artist at Get Lit – Words Ignite & a freelance graphic designer.

Through her work as an administrator in the arts sector, she endeavors to be a force in producing programs that bring about systemic change to the implementation of arts education programming. Her passions lie in advancing the ubiquity of arts education, expanding access to arts participation for every child, and engaging art learners of all ages. Her personal experience and logistic skills has moved her to give back to society and enlighten others on the importance of arts education. Led to the field of arts administration as the answer to the question of how best to utilize her dynamic skill set, she is committed to working in nonprofit arts organizations.

She has her B.A. from California State University, Long Beach in Studio Art.

Rachel continues to explore her own artistic freedom through exciting graphic design opportunities that come her way.

Ultimately, it’s art that is at the heart of every experience she supports, develops, or energizes!